1.Uluslararası Doğum Ekipleri ve Doğum Psikolojisi Kongresi BİLDİRİ KİTAPÇIĞI




  1. The presentation form should be written as verbal or poster presentation. However, according to the content of the scientific program and the report, the Scientific Committee may change the way the notice is presented and its place in the program.
  2. The full text of the accepted verbal and poster papers will be published in the congress book if requested by the authors and submitted until 10 June 2019.
  3. The Scientific Committee and the Regulatory Board are not responsible for the information that is missing or incorrectly entered. Scientific and legal responsibility for the paper belongs to the authors.
  4. The official language of the congress is Turkish. Proceedings should be submitted in Turkish and English verbal and / or poster abstracts.
  5. Only scientific research studies will be evaluated as “verbal abstract submissions”
  6. Abstracts of the paper "Objective", "Material-Method", "Results", "Result" must include the sections. Keywords must be at least 3 pieces. Abstract paper (excluding title, author names and addresses and keywords) should not exceed 250 words.
  7. Abstracts not sent in accordance with the above-mentioned rules will be excluded from the evaluation.
  8. 8. The authors of verbal and poster papers must have completed the congress registration by 10 June 2019 at the latest. The notifications of the server authors who have not completed their payment until that date shall not be taken into consideration for referee evaluation.

Abstract Delivery Rules

Please read the following abstracts carefully before sending your abstract.
TITLE; It should be short enough to reflect the content of the summary. All capital letters should be written in capital letters.
WRITER(S); The name must be written in the order of the SOYAD. The names of the authors should be written explicitly. THE TITLE MUST NOT BE WRITTEN.
INSTITUTION(S); According to the order of authors, institutions should be written with open names, sections and cities.
SUMMARY TEXT; Abstracts should be prepared in plain text and should not contain tables, pictures and formulas.
Invitation forms and presentation forms of the accepted abstracts will be sent by e-mail to the author who will present until 20 June 2019 and will be published on our website. The author who will make the presentation from the announcement of the abstract of the abstract to the other authors of the abstract is responsible.
The author who will make the presentation from the announcement of the abstract of the abstract to the other authors of the abstract is responsible.
Accepted abstracts will be included in the Abstracts Book and the full texts to be requested later will be included in the Congress Book.

You can submit your presentation via the form below or info@pyakademi.comsend mail.

Sending Mail:

  • Write a presentation to the subject of mail
  • Name, Surname, Contact, Share your number and the file (in pdf format).