Poster Submission & Guidelines

1.Submitters of accepted posters will be notified by organizers (Psiko Yaşam Akademisi- PYA) about the presentation time and place.

2.The poster should be written in both English and Turkish with accurate grammar and spelling. .

3.The poster should be easily readable from a distance of 2 or 3 meters. Therefore, your font style and size is important. The poster should include illustrations such as photos, graphs and/or charts to be eye-catching.

4. Poster page size should be 70 cm wide X 90 cm high, oriented vertically.

5. Poster title should be written in capital letters.

6. Author’s names, titles and affiliations should be written on the next line to the main title.

7. For research articles, the body should be structured as : purpose, methods and materials, results and conclusion.

8.It will be appropriate to use the source in the text with footnote in posters

9. Abstract body should be no more than 350 words.

  • Only research, review and case report abstracts will be accepted. Abstract body should be structured as follows: • Purpose • Methods & Materials • Results • Conclusion • Key words
  •  There should be maximum five key words which are separated with comma See,

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