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Birth Models that work in the world.


Betty-Anne Daviss, RM, MA is a midwife with over 40 years of practice, a researcher in epidemiology and the social sciences, and a professor in Women’s Studies. She co-authored the first large prospective home birth study of CPMs in North America published in the BMJ (2005) that continues to be accessed 500-800 times a month and has attracted 250,000 viewers online internationally. She was the co-principal investigator and principal author for the Frankfurt study comparing vaginal breeches born with mothers upright to on the back. The latter article has reached the top 5% bracket for responses on all scholarly content worldwide, across all subject areas, including books, journal articles, presentations, conference proceedings and the #1 article published in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics in 2017. The only midwife in Canada who has acquired hospital privileges to attend breech births without a transfer to obstetrics, Betty-Anne has attended over 150 planned vaginal breech births, and provided plenaries on breech in Canada, the US, Britain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Argentina, Australia, and Brazil. She has testified for 10 midwifery hearings/court cases and 11 state and 3 provincial legislative processes.