Psychotherapist | Sexual life during pregnancy and birth.


Subject of Speech

Sexual life during pregnancy and birth.

About Speaker

He is the Founder President of the Association of Sexual Health (CISED) and Association of Psychotherapy and Psychotherapists (PSİKODER) and author. He was Specialist in Psychiatry in Azerbaijan State University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. He studied Family Counseling at Başkent University Faculty of Health Sciences Social Services Department. He had his master's degree on. Psychological Counseling and Guidance. At Social Sciences Institute of Selçuk University in Konya. He had Professor Dr. Prof. Dr. Vamık VOLKAN Dr. Cengiz GÜLEÇ received ”psychoanalytic psychotherapy training and psychoanalytic psychotherapy supervision.” He had Professor Dr. Cengiz GÜLEÇ ’s Psychotherapy Training and Psychotherapist Proficiency Certificate for 2000 hours. The most important in the US is the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the American Psychological Association (APA), and the European Psychiatric Association (EPA). and became a member of the German Association for Psychiatry Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (DGPPN). Since 1990, he has been the first Turkish psychotherapist to be awarded with the lar Magnus Hirschfeld Medal için awarded by the German Society for Social Scientific Sexuality Research (DGSS) for outstanding services in lendiril sexual health science and sexual reform ’. He started to work on sex therapy in Turkey in 2000, marital therapy and ensure its acceptance as a separate professional organization of psychotherapy professions and individuals, to families and to provide psychological and institutional services for organizations Sexual Health Institute Association (CİSED) and Psychotherapy and Psychotherapists Association (PSİKOD) n and founded the field of psychology in Turkey, the spread of non-governmental service, has struggled to ensure institutionalization. He is currently the president of the Association for Sexual Health Institute (CİSED) and is the vice president of Psychotherapy and Psychotherapists Association (PSİKODER).