MSc. Psychodramatist | Spontaneity Theory in child development and birth.

MSc. Psychodramatist

Subject of Speech

Spontaneity Theory in child development and birth. Spontaneity begins at birth and has many things in common. Does the way we are born effect our spontaneity? In his speech Deniz Altınay will be exploring these answers in the guidance of psychodrama.


Deniz Altınay, Specialist, Psychodrama Trainer Therapist, Head of Istanbul Psychodrama Institute.

He was born in Ankara. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara. He started his undergraduate studies in Psychology at the Department of Psychology at Ankara University. Group Psychotherapy Association of Turkey began in-house "Psychodrama Group Psychotherapy" training the various activities carried on until today. In 1991, he received his MA degree in Psychological Counseling from Hacettepe University. He was interested in Spontaneity Theater which is an important extension of psychodrama for many years. He also introduced ar psychodrama in theater ve practices at state theaters and private theaters. He did Turkey Group Psychotherapy Association Member of the Board of Directors and the General Secretariat. He worked with world-renowned psychodramatists such as Abdulkadir Özbek, G. Leutz, H. Barz and E. Franzke. Group Psychotherapy Association of Turkey "Psychodrama Co-Therapist" diploma, Zerka Moreno from "psychodrama therapist diploma" was. In 1994, he became the co-founder and chairman of Ankara Group Psychotherapy Institute. In 1997, he co-founded the Istanbul Psychodrama Institute and the Psychological Counseling Center. In 2003, the same institute was awarded as the Istanbul International Zerka Moreno Institute.


During the establishment and development of treatment systems "Child Psychodrama" he wrote the book also. He is the coordinator and educator of child psychodrama training within Istanbul Psychodrama Institute. As the ’Association of Psychodrama Institutes., which currently has Ankara and Kayseri Psychodrama Institutes, the Istanbul Psychodrama Institute, which has more than 190 students, teaches in connection with psychodrama associations and institutes in Europe and America. He is an individual and organizational member of the European Federation of Psychodrama Trainings, the International Association of Group Psychotherapies and the European Association of Psychotherapy. He has been working as an individual psychotherapist and group psychotherapist and chaired the Istanbul Psychodrama Institute.