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Birth Psychodrama

Birth Psychodrama is a school and system that is taught in Istanbul Birth Academy for the first time in the world. The birth psychologist, who is a psychodramatist, carries out short and deep individual psychodrama studies at the moment of birth with the expectant mother or the birth team. The main techniques of psychodrama are role changing, matching and even mirror techniques which can be applied at the time of delivery. The birthplace is perhaps not suitable for verbal therapies, but a technique based on action and spontaneity, such as psychodrama, can create miracles about birth.


is an individual and couples therapist, a psychodrama therapist and trainer, a pregnancy and birth psychologist, and a hypnobirthing practitioner.

After many years of working and training new students about psychodrama, she discovered that birth is the most important part of adult therapies. After she and Hakan Çoker founded İstanbul Birth Academy in 2010, she started working as a birth psychologist and helping to co-create the Birth with No Regret model. She has played that role in at least 200 births.

İDA Sertifikalı Doğuma Hazırlık Eğitmeni – Doula ve Doğum Psikoterapistliği eğitimlerinin baş eğitmenidir. Bireysel ve grup terapisti olarak doğumlar ile 29 senedir çalışmaktadır.