Former President of APPPAH | What it is polyvagal theory? How it works?

Former President of APPPAH

Subject of Speech

What it is polyvagal theory? How it works? How does this new theory will effect labor and birth manners?


Sandra's career of 45 years has been in the area of maternal-child health. She has had the opportunity to work as a labor and delivery nurse, midwife, doula & doula trainer, lactation consultant, childbirth and parenting educator and counselor. She started her own business of "Co-Creations for Joyful Births" where she had the opportunity of helping many parents and infants through their pregnancy, birth ,and early parenting experiences. Her work led her into association with many wonderful organizations that dealt with issues surrounding pregnancy, birth, and early parenting, This exposure gave her the opportunity to meet and work with many people in these organizations and laid the foundation for her to accept her present role as president for the Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH). Sandra says, "It is a joy to serve this great organization in furthering a very important piece of knowledge that the association has realized for 35+ years; that baby's are conscious, sentient beings from conception on." Sandra is the Mother of four children and grandmother to five. Regarding her family, she says, "Though I have had many wonderful teachers during my career, my own family, each have been my greatest teachers concerning maternal-child health and well being.